Saturday, May 25, 2013

America, the Doomed

I know you're thinking, "Don't you mean, America, the beautiful?" No... America, the doomed. Our country is destined for its demise just like any other empire. That is correct. I did say empire. Although no politician wants to admit it or use that word, it is very appropriate. We may not be like the Greek, Roman, or Turkish Empires, but we are an empire nonetheless. This nation is just as flawed and imperfect if not worse than other developed nations. How can that be, you say?

We have all heard that commonly quoted phrase created by Thomas Jefferson in regards to the Declaration of Independence, "... All men are created equal..."


From a political view, that 'truth' is still not evident. Can any American truly stand in front of my face and say that a black, bisexual, atheist female, can win the highest office in United States of America. Sadly, in this day and age, he or she cannot. Keep in mind that even though Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration and had relationships with slaves, that Declaration was for white men.

From nature's view, we all know that particular phrase is definitely not true! Do you mean to tell me that I am equal to a person that has Parkinson's disease or Down Syndrome? That's like saying everyone is special. Everyone is different for a reason. So, you have ten kids. So, you have flat feet.  So, you are a single mother. So, you were born poor. So you lost your mother and father in a fire.


Let's be honest and get down to the grit of the situation. If you are not contributing to society and taking from it as a whole and as a species, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALIVE! I do not care if think I am harsh, for if I am harsh, nature is the ultimate trump. We should leave nature to decide who stays and who goes, not us. That is the main problem with America and the reason why we will ultimately seal our fate. We coddle and do not discipline. We give options, but not ultimatums. We let the dumbest bums live happy and carefree but sentence the hardest workers to a meaningless existence. People here are always looking for handouts, and they receive them. How is it that we feel obligated to help and coddle those who do not contribute to society, hinder human evolution, and do not forge ahead? Is it love? Is it pity for the weak? Or do we just see as they way things are?

I am sure at this point you think I'm immoral or even reminiscent of Hitler. Then, let us get facts straight. Nature does know what morality is nor does it care. I am basing this solely off genetics. The main idea of natural selection and evolution is that the weak do not survive and live to pass on their genetic material. The strong, however, live and pass that on to the next generations in order for them to continue. Hitler was in favor of that notion, but he blatantly veered off that beaten path. He started killing mainly Jews, healthy and weak. Morality does not enter into this equation. Even the ideas that swarm around the word 'love' are solely based on Western ideas and thoughts. Do not get things mixed up, however. I have been and still am a victim of these notions. But there should be a time and a limit to where we must cast that aside think about what would be best for the species as a whole.

I'm also sure that every single one of you that is reading this has thought about, too. The single mother with seven kids living off welfare that just sits on her rear all day and does nothing but get high off marijuana... The celebrity that makes millions of dollars a year and not one single brain cell in his or her pretty little head... The male bum living off another woman that is working hard for a roof over her head and trying to make ends meet while he feels entitled to everything that he 'got' from doing nothing. What's the point?

You to know why Newtown happened? Because a dumb woman gave birth to a weak child. In addition to that, she placed guns around him. Mentally incapacitated child plus stupid parent equals the Newtown tragedy. We lost possible future doctors, teachers, and world leaders because disrupted the flow of Nature. Did you notice how guns were not a part of the equation? The child could have easily been a serial killer slicing children's throats instead. The enemy is not the guns we make, but us homo sapiens.

The Emperor's Speech

Friday, April 5, 2013

Anime Matsuri 2013 Review

Anime Matsuri is the biggest anime and Japanese culture convention that Houston has to offer. I cannot safely say what their home base. Over the past six years, the convention has been held in the Woodlands, the George R. Brown Convention Center, Crowne Plaza near Reliant Stadium, and this year it was held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston. The preference, however seems to be in favor of the Woodlands Waterway.

Honestly, I would not prefer the Woodlands because it is not technically in Houston. It is in the Houston area. I am also tired of great things such as this convention also being on the North side of Houston. The George R. Brown Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency are both downtown, and I'm definitely not a big fan of that. One way streets, paying for parking, and crappy streets, no thank you. Crowne Plaza, for some odd reason was held same time as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Massive chaos amongst the rednecks and the geeks. Enough said. If both events were not occurring at the same time, then it would have been great. Now, the convention has been held during the Easter weekend for the past two years. I believe it is a drawback. Some geeks actually do want to or are forced to participate in non-Otaku related activities for Easter. I believe more people would attend if the convention is held on a non-holiday weekend.

There were also more guests this year than the con has ever had before with the exception of one, and I wouldn't even call them guests. The should have been called Hollywood Trolls. They were at Anime Matsuri to film footage for some upcoming film that I believe is called "Cosworld." It's irritating to fellow otaku that have been waiting to savor the con to be inconvenience by some areas that were automatically being filmed. There were signs posted around certain areas of the con to inform people that if they did not want to be filmed they should stay out of that designated spot. I know they apologized on the signs, but the filming crew should apologize for their deplorable behavior. I've already heard to many stories of otaku getting shoved out of the way, onto the street no doubt, kicked out of the hallways, and talked down like we are nothing. One of the stupid blonde bimbos in the crew decided to 'politely' tell me and my band members to stop playing our songs in the hallway that we were in first. They could have waited. They also knew that we had been playing there... looking us up and down to see if we were worthy of being in there stupid movie. Hey... guess what...


Now, back to the good stuff. Kelly Hu and Johnny Yong Bosch were awesome, and I hope they return in the following years of the con. Kelly Hu is hot and very welcoming when I went to the bar with my friends. I wish I did have time to attend her panels, because she is a great down-to-earth representative of Marvel. Johnny Yong Bosch's panel deferring to his days as the Black Ranger on Power Rangers really was nostalgic and fun. The artist gallery was huge and amazing. I was not disappointed there. I definitely liked it better than the dealers' room. I hope that will be the last time I make that comment. 

I don't understand why the dealers' room had to be in the basement of the hotel. A lot of the dealers that I have grown familiar with over the many cons I attended last year were not there with the exception of one. I'm starting to wonder whether it was because of more important cons or because of the fact that it was the Easter weekend. Heck, RikRic Otaku Cafe was not even there!

The artists gallery, however was a breath of fresh air. There were Lots of Esty artists. It was like seeing a quality part of the website itself. Star Wars bags, Pac-Man earrings, cupcake rings, My Little Pony drawings, the list goes on and on.

The gaming tournament had less fanfare than past years. Instead of the finals being displayed on a huge screen where the concert was going to be held later in the night, it was sent to one of the quieter floors along with the Maid Cafe. Speaking of which, the only time I will ever attend and pay for a maid cafe is if it actually has Japanese maids from Akihabara. Not Houston girls. Sorry. It would be great if we can keep this as authentic as possible. I am glad that they had the Dance Dance Revolution machines there along with other Japanese arcade games considering the fact that Planet Zero is no more. I'm glad the chairmen kept those out of all the games they had to offer. I am also glad they got rid of the Para Para machines. They were useless.

The surrounding eateries that provided vittles to us demanding otaku were very hospitable. I do not think I would be able to handle a crowd of that magnitude, much less smile and chat it up with us. To the people at Benihana, Shula's, and especially Einstein Bros. Bagels... 


Overall, was it the best con ever? Not by a long shot. Was it the worst con ever? Hardly. I have been to worse. I'm looking forward to Anime Matsuri staying here for years to come and not falling into oblivion like Kamikaze Con. This con is going to be a special one for me bar none. It was my daughter's first con (where she dressed up as Haruhi Suzumiya), my boyfriend was considered by many to be my husband and my daughter's stepdad (now he's stuck with us), and Easter weekend was the first con where our band got considerate attention. We have hopefully added another member to our band, someone taped us and placed it on YouTube, and we are hopefully going to perform at other otaku hang out spots throughout the Houston area. So keep an eye out for Otaku Acoustic. We will be coming to other cons later in the year, especially the big Kahuna, A-kon 24.

Like the fact that I plugged our band? Here's the link to the video on YouTube:

A couple singing anime songs at Anime Matsuri 2013 

It is crude, but hey, what do you want from me? Now get outta here and watch it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Are HBCUs Still Here?

So, I was watching an episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. The project manager's charity was in support of scholarships for black colleges.

For those that are sensitive to what I just wrote (black colleges)... BITE ME!

I do know that whites, Asians, and Hispanic people do attend those colleges and that the 'correct' term to use is historically black colleges and universities. The key word that I am honing in on is 'historically'. I can still tell you that I'm tired of hearing countless black prospecting youths saying the same ignorant thing,"I want to be around my own people," or "I'm more comfortable being around people like me."


The world is not just filled with black people, and that's a very good thing. Everyone has to step outside their comfort zone. It adds spice to your life. It might as well be done sooner than later.

Now, I know this sounds cruel, but HBCUs should be deemed relics and turned into museums. They served their purpose, especially now that blacks have come to the place where everyone is legally privileged to have basic civil rights.

Does racism still exist? The answer is yes. And if black people still want to shelter themselves within the confines of whatever black community they are in, they are only going to end up hurting themselves. We, as a people will never successfully go anywhere until we can fully integrate and learn to work with other races. Doing so will advance not just blacks but the human race.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colored People Time

I am very sure people have heard this phrase before. Luckily, this phrase no longer applies to black people. Unfortunately, when you work with humans, that means that you have to know about customer service. This leads to rude customers that always believes they're right and can just act any way they want to.


People that have never had a job serving people like that need to wake up! Those may seem lesser than you, but guess what... WE ARE ALL HUMAN! You are setting yourself up for failure when you don't pay attention and believe the world revolves around you. When it is near the end of the day and you are getting off work, have the decency to call wherever you are planning to rush to before you actually drive there. When a place closes at 8 PM, it closes. If the business closes in the middle of the day for lunch, expect that or ask. Don't just walk in at the exact time it closes and ask for service.

Since man has invented the prospect of time, I am very sure that we are supposed to use it properly, not abuse it. And last but not least... DON'T ENJOY THE FACT THAT YOU MADE SOME LATE OR LEAVE LATE! I wonder how many people I've wanted to strangle because of this. 'Oh, I'm sorry I'm came in so late.' Really? Are you genuinely sorry? Next time someone walks in on you at the last minute, I'm sure you will think the same thing.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Catholics & the Pope

So, this is what I know:

1) Catholicism is the 'Grandfather' of Christianity for lack of a better term.
2) Before we had the many different sects that we do now,  there were the Catholics.
3) For some odd reason, the pope, cardinals, and bishops are highly revered authorities in this Christian sect. (They're humans for Pete's sake!)
4) Like or not, Catholics that have held these particular positions have wielded their power in ways that have altered billions of human lives for their own gain.

I'm going to be forthcoming. I am an atheist. If I'm ever going to go back to a religion, it will be one that does not focus on me worshipping some god or gods, and it will not be a religion that is based on women automatically being the lesser sex. I will not badger people about what they believe in. If it helps you become a better person, then by all means go for it.

There are just some things that I don't understand: like the hoopla over the pope. He's a human. Do people think he can heal? It just seems as if he's like anyone else. He's does whatever he has to do to get to the top. No different from what presidential candidates do. Why hasn't been a female elected as pope? Oh, I know why. Because we're women! Why not black, Asian, or homosexual? Oh, right. Because they're not WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants)!

It's amazing, yet sad that we, as humans, give so much power to once person, no matter the sex, color, or ethnicity. To the people that are Christians or whatever you claim yourself to be, don't lose sight of what's at the heart of your religion. Don't jump to conclusions! I went to a Christian school for twelve years. I've been taught to memorize verses and chapters on end amongst other things. Have you just ever taken some time out of your day to think, "Is the Pope going to help me in any way today?" or "Is loving the Pope over the bum on the street going ensure my place in heaven?"

Just wondering!     

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As I Introduce Myself...

Understand that if you do not like what you are reading, please go surfing. Browsing the Internet will definitely help cool you down. Obviously, what I am writing is opinionated. I pride myself on being outspoken, and there is no better outlet than the World Wide Web as my forum. I will try my best to research my viewpoints, and if you have the stomach to read my blogs, you are more than welcome to debate with me on the subject. Please keep in mind that if you want act like a child, I will refrain from communicating with you at all. I am not a big fan of children or adults that want to act like them. 

Other than that, enjoy what you read or read what you enjoy. We're in America, right? Let's enjoy that before China becomes number one.