Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Are HBCUs Still Here?

So, I was watching an episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. The project manager's charity was in support of scholarships for black colleges.

For those that are sensitive to what I just wrote (black colleges)... BITE ME!

I do know that whites, Asians, and Hispanic people do attend those colleges and that the 'correct' term to use is historically black colleges and universities. The key word that I am honing in on is 'historically'. I can still tell you that I'm tired of hearing countless black prospecting youths saying the same ignorant thing,"I want to be around my own people," or "I'm more comfortable being around people like me."


The world is not just filled with black people, and that's a very good thing. Everyone has to step outside their comfort zone. It adds spice to your life. It might as well be done sooner than later.

Now, I know this sounds cruel, but HBCUs should be deemed relics and turned into museums. They served their purpose, especially now that blacks have come to the place where everyone is legally privileged to have basic civil rights.

Does racism still exist? The answer is yes. And if black people still want to shelter themselves within the confines of whatever black community they are in, they are only going to end up hurting themselves. We, as a people will never successfully go anywhere until we can fully integrate and learn to work with other races. Doing so will advance not just blacks but the human race.


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