Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colored People Time

I am very sure people have heard this phrase before. Luckily, this phrase no longer applies to black people. Unfortunately, when you work with humans, that means that you have to know about customer service. This leads to rude customers that always believes they're right and can just act any way they want to.


People that have never had a job serving people like that need to wake up! Those may seem lesser than you, but guess what... WE ARE ALL HUMAN! You are setting yourself up for failure when you don't pay attention and believe the world revolves around you. When it is near the end of the day and you are getting off work, have the decency to call wherever you are planning to rush to before you actually drive there. When a place closes at 8 PM, it closes. If the business closes in the middle of the day for lunch, expect that or ask. Don't just walk in at the exact time it closes and ask for service.

Since man has invented the prospect of time, I am very sure that we are supposed to use it properly, not abuse it. And last but not least... DON'T ENJOY THE FACT THAT YOU MADE SOME LATE OR LEAVE LATE! I wonder how many people I've wanted to strangle because of this. 'Oh, I'm sorry I'm came in so late.' Really? Are you genuinely sorry? Next time someone walks in on you at the last minute, I'm sure you will think the same thing.

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